Garrett Goldmaster 24K

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Nieuw nieuw;

Garrett Goldmaster 24K super gevoelige metaaldetector werkend op 48 khz.

Voor strand, munten of juwelen maak allemaal niets uit . Niet vergeten de goudzoeker werken met dit toestel .

Kan al 0,2 gram goud vinden op bepaalde diepte.

TWO AUDIO MODES - Choose from 2-tone “Beep” Mode to help distinguish target types or the Standard VCO “Zip” Mode, where audio pitch and volume rise as signal strength increase.

XGB GROUND BALANCE SYSTEM - Auto tracking system allows the GM24k to be used in a wide variety of ground conditions with more stable operation and less ground noise.

GROUND GRAB - to quickly update ground settings

TRACLOCK - to lock current ground balance setting

ADJUSTABLE IRON CANCEL - feature for hot rocks, iron trash

BACKLIGHT - to view settings at night or in low light

VOLUME CONTROL - Fully adjustable, plus Boost options

THRESHOLD ADJUSTMENT - Adjust to the level that fits your style of hunting

FREQUENCY SHIFT - Use to reduce electro-magnetic interference

SENSITIVITY CONTROL - Levels adjustable from 0 to 10