Garrett Vortex

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The Garrett Vortex is a series of new multifrequency metal detectors, the VX5, VX7, and VX9. All three share the same hardware and differ only in the features offered through the software and menu options. The VX5 is Multi plus a 13 kHz single frequency option. The VX7 adds a 5 kHz single frequency option plus a Multi-Salt mode for beach detecting. The VX9 adds 9, 18, and 25 kHz single frequency modes. See the chart below for additional model differences.

All three models are waterproof and submersible up to 16 feet using optional waterproof headphones. Garrett's proprietary Z-Lynk high speed wireless is built in and functions with all Z-Lynk accessories, including the Garrett Z-Lynk enabled Pro-Pointer pinpointer. 

Very unique, for the first time ever in a metal detector series, the VX5 or VX7 can be upgraded to the top VX9 model for a small fee and a software download. The new Garrett Vortex models will begin shipping to U.S. dealers in July 2024.

Garrett Vortex metal detector, new for 2024


Garrett Vortex VX5, VX7, and VX9 Model Comparison